Adobe’s recent $1.8bn purchase of analytics provider Omniture had many people scratching their heads. While Adobe’s CEO called the acquisition a “no-brainer” and it just might turn out to be a very wise strategic move, it’s certainly possible that some Omniture customers will ask questions about the future of the company now that it’s an Adobe company.

So I was interested to come across a Coremetrics ad addressing the Omniture acquisition. It leads to a landing page designed specifically for current Omniture customers and wastes no time in making a sales pitch.

The pitch:

The recent $1.8 billion acquisition of Omniture by Adobe has no doubt created uncertainty about the future of your analytics.

Because your online business is no place for uncertainty, we decided to put together an offer that eliminates all of the hurdles to switching your analytics vendor.

The offer: a money-back guarantee for Omniture customers who switch to Coremetrics Analytics, AdTarget, Monitor and/or Export services. The guarantee is good for up to 12 months of service costs provided that the customer cancels its service with Coremetrics at least 90 days prior to the 12 month anniversary of its switch. Additionally, Coremetrics is also offering to handle implementation, including data migration, at no cost.

To sell the deal, Coremetrics has put up a video in which Joe Davis, Coremetrics’ CEO, speaks directly to Omniture customers and explains the offer and the company’s value proposition.

Make no doubt about it: this is smart marketing. While we’d all like to believe that we make important decisions based on fact and logic, the truth is that many business decisions are made based on the two of the most powerful human emotions — greed and fear. The latter is often caused by uncertainty, and acquisitions lead to uncertainty for obvious reasons. Adobe has acquired more than a few companies over the years but the Omniture acquisition is one of its largest, which may give some customers pause. The fact that Adobe has laid off some of the Omniture staff may give some even more pause, even though post-acquisition layoffs aren’t uncommon. Bottom line: Adobe’s acquisition has given Coremetrics the opportunity to step in and introduce itself to anxious Omniture customers.

The question, of course, is whether this will work. In my opinion, Adobe has handled most of its acquisitions pretty well, and I don’t see any evidence that Adobe has radical plans to overhaul Omniture or its business model. While Coremetrics appears to be doing its best to reduce the barriers to ‘yes‘, switching from Omniture to Coremetrics is still likely to represent a big decision for large vendors in particular, and the December 15 deadline for Coremetrics’ offer doesn’t leave much time for decision-making, especially since the deadline comes so close to the holidays.

As such, I suspect that Coremetrics’ offer will only really appeal to those Omniture customers who had been thinking of switching anyway, or who don’t already have a significant investment in Omniture. Nonetheless, Coremetrics certainly shouldn’t complain if it can pick up a few new customers opportunistically and its marketing effort serves as a good case study for how businesses can take advantage of situations that, at first glance, appear to make the competition bigger and stronger.