Econsultancy’s coverage of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on marketing and ecommerce.

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Learning from a Crisis Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction The global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had an unprecedented impact, affecting almost every aspect of daily life. Measures taken to slow the spread of the virus around the world have brought with them remarkable economic losses. The full economic impact of the crisis is at this stage unknown, but projections of the cost […]

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Six big issues that companies must consider when going remote

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is causing many companies to rethink their stances vis-à-vis remote working. Big tech names including Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and Square have decided to embrace remote working – something that seemed inconceivable just a year ago. In what is the latest and perhaps biggest vote of confidence in remote work, Facebook chief […]

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The Lowdown: Watch again

Introducing The Lowdown

A regular update from thought leaders in marketing and beyond on how to address the challenges presented by the COVID 19 pandemic.