Online loyalty programme iPoints has linked up with voucher company Couponstar to provide its members with money off coupons on a range of FMCG products.

The scheme will use Couponstar’s printable voucher technology to drive offline sales for a range of brands, including Colgate and Ocean Spray.

Couponstar’s European GM Oliver Felstead said the deal would help FMCG companies that have been looking for a way into online marketing, but have so far found it difficult to prove RoI:

Coupon campaigns solve this problem and our clients have been happy with the results. When we email coupons out with offers, we get redemption rates of around 27%.
With direct mail campaigns, as well as being more expensive, you will typically get response rates of less then 1%.”

With over 1m registered users earning rewards through over 300 partnerships with online retailers, iPoints is the UK’s largest internet-based rewards scheme. It claims to be adding new members at a rate of 40,000 a month.

The deal, according to Felstead, will therefpre help give marketers the reach they have been looking for from online voucher campaigns:

“The deal with iPoints extends the reach of our promotions and allows us to leverage their reach. We are please to partner with iPoints as they have a loyal group of customers who tend to take advantage of offers.”

He added that the scheme offers an alternative to the viral approach to voucher campaigns that was so successfully used by Threshers last year:

“What we do is the polar opposite to Threshers’ campaign. Our clients need control over their campaign budgets. With our campaigns, customers can typically print off only one or two coupons. Every coupon is trackable, and we can report back to the client, which is critical to tracking campaign ROI.”

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