Sending one-size-fits-all style communications, or ‘spray and pray’, as it’s termed in the industry, fails to maximise the full potential of email. This approach is also likely to fail to achieve the level of response or success possible with a more targeted approach.  

Today, recipients desire relevant content that feels like a one-to-one communication and the Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census 2017 (in association with Adestra) reported that segmentation continues to deliver. Those who carry out basic segmentation are more than twice as likely to report ‘excellent’ ROI from email marketing as those who say they don’t do this and, in turn, those who practise advanced segmentation are twice as likely again to report excellent ROI.  

Most companies will have a wide range of variables that could be used to target different messages at different people. The trick is to select the right targeting variables that will increase response to the greatest degree. 

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