If your ecommerce site is working well and achieving targets, then it may be time to undertake an optimisation project, which can be thought of as going out and looking for trouble. It normally starts with funnel analysis to see where in the core journey things could be improved, starting at the end and working backwards.  

 The usual headline suspects are likely to be payment detail entry pages, abandoned baskets and popular site exit points. 

A typical dilemma in ecommerce is between whether to focus on increasing traffic (on the basis that if you ‘throw more at the funnel people will sort themselves out into customers’) vs. optimising first. The missing question in this debate asks what sort of customers the business is trying to optimise for. Different tactics will have varying effects on different types of customers and you can’t be all things to all people. So: short of engineering radically different flows based on traffic source (which is an option), optimising for growth is best done with a primary target segment or cohort in mind. 

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