In just over three months, Econsultancy will be heading to Vegas for the 2012 Direct Marketing Association (DMA) global event for real-time marketers. 

Not only will we be covering the wide range of panels and speakers there, but our North American EVP, Craig Hanna, will be leading the panel “What do users want from mobile commerce sites.”

The team at the DMA recently interviewed Hanna on his thoughts on big data, analytics and the rise of mobile internet.

For the past 10 years, marketers have been discussing when it would be the year of the mobile. Clearly it’s now arrived and it’s been edging it’s way in over the last couple of years. 

Senior level marketers are concerned about the rise in mobile around the world. Partly it’s because of reach. In most countries, people have a mobile in their pocket.

But it’s more than just a phone now. Mobile has become a utility and it manages our lives. You need to consider the phone of less of a marketing channel and more of a piece of technology that enables the other experiences that we already wanted to do. 

The minute you add social, gaming, email, and business applications all to one device and the price point comes down, the mobile becomes a universal device so the reach it has is impossible to ignore. 

We’re just at the tip of the iceberg with mobile. It can do some things no other channels can achieve. For example, localisation can help marketers deliver content right at the point of need.

How do we use mobile for what it is really special at? According to Hanna, that’s what is going to be one of the most interesting areas over the next few years. There’s a long way to go with mobile but it’s exciting times.

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