Here’s LOVEFiLM’s Craig Sullivan’s weekly digest of the key news affecting the digital media sector.

BitTorrent cuddles up to movie studios –

BitTorrent signs deal with independents to sell 1,600 video titles over the internet.

Amazon stepping into digital download fray

Rumours about Amazon hiring and making deals to launch a digital download service….

CinemaNow gets fresh funding of $20m

CinemaNow announces fifth round funding of $20m and strategic partner with satellite TV firm EchoStar.

Netflix shares hit by downloads?

Netflix shares down, some analysts say, because of the flurry of download deals with firms like (sony) and BitTorrent (independents)

Online Sites Pay visitors To Post their Videos

New business models for User Generated Content sites shares revenue with people who post video content.

BSkyB wins rights to show football on mobiles

BSkyB has rights to mobile phone delivery of 380 premiership matches for 3 seasons – Highlights, goals and key action from games, even whilst they are being played.

Who Wants To Buy A Film Library? –

An interesting interview with Stephen Prough, who brokers media content deals between companies.

Movielink licenses download-to-burn DVD technology |

Movielink announces a deal with Sonic and major studios (which ones – don’t know) to allow consumers to download and burn full length films to a DVD player. The technology is provided by Sonic but apparently ‘the service will not be available until later in the year’.

BSkyB joins ‘free broadband’ war | BBC NEWS

BSkyB follows Orange and Carphone Warehouse into the ‘free’ broadband bundle market. Packages start from a free (capped usage) package, through a £5 midrange (capped) service to a £10 unlimited deal. Analysts question the costs involved for Sky given the coverage is not UK wide.

Google video goes international | BBC NEWS

Google has been providing content via its US based site since 2005. It is now launching national versions for France, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain the UK and Canada. Content partners include ITN, Wimbledon, The Cousteau society…..

YouTube Serves Up 100 Million Videos a Day

YouTube continues stellar growth of User Generated Content – now accounting for 60% of video content watched online. Users add over 65,000 videos a day to the site.

Apple to announce iTunes movie rentals

Apple is said to have ironed out agreements with Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and Watner Bros and is in talks with other major studios. Movies will be rented to consumers and will be restricted in terms of playback (either a period of time or number of times played)

FremantleMedia teams up with Arts Alliance

FremantleMedia teams up with Arts Alliance to distribute comedy content.