In 2005, Apple integrated podcasts into iTunes, and Steve Jobs referred to the channel as being like “TiVo for radio”. 

He believed podcasts were going to revolutionise the way people listened to radio programmes, just like digital recorders and streaming devices had begun to change the way people were watching television.

It’s taken a while to truly take off, but due to factors like better accessibility and distribution, the popularity of IP-connected devices, and faster mobile networks – Jobs’ prophecy was pretty much spot on.

In 2018, marketers in the US spent $479 million to advertise on podcasts, according to IAB figures.

We’re previously talked about the benefits of podcasts for brands on the blog, as well as heard from one of the biggest podcast networks in the UK. But what about when it comes to creating a successful podcast strategy, and what should creators keep in mind? Here are just six steps that we think might help you on the road to podcast success.

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