Critical Thinking for the Digital Age: 5Cs to Thrive

For the first time since the start of the digital age, technical know-how is becoming less important as advances in AI and smart automation emphasise the need for core human capabilities. Thriving in this new dynamic requires critical thinking, curiosity, creativity and collaboration, all in the context of customer centricity.

This 60-minute session will explore how advances in technology, and particularly
AI in driving automation, are placing even greater focus on the soft skills and core capabilities that AI cannot replicate. It will cover:

  • The changing digital landscape and the benefits and concerns surrounding the use of generative AI tools and smart automation.
  • The importance of developing core human capabilities around the 5Cs model. Key skills include the ability to generate innovative ideas, strategise effectively, understand and influence human behaviour and navigate ethical considerations.
  • How knowledge, skills and core capabilities work effectively together with technology to drive business and personal success.
  • Practical ways in which core capabilities can be developed as the use of technology increases.


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