Hello all readers and welcome to the second edition of our new thing, ‘Crowd Sauce’.

No doubt this shabby pun is in use in many places on the internet, but here it denotes a round-up post, potentially replacing our weekly infographic, where we can relax and share some fun or interesting stuff (caveat: mostly pointless).

The categories will likely differ each week. Let’s go…

SEO thing of the week

Moz’s 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors survey. Get your teeth stuck in here.

Worst initiation cringe-fest we-love-working-here tech video of the week

Apparently those LinkedIn interns get paid a fair whack, and with pressure to perform cringe-inducing raps with dance visuals, they deserve every penny. Give this video a few minutes, your rage should peak somewhere in the second ‘flash mob’.

More on online video from Econsultancy.

Digital marketing statistic of the week

More internet statistics.

Sarcastic goober of the week – Siri

Wine society copywriting of the week

The Wine Society continue to blow my grape with their weekly newsletter. Here’s the best of it from this week.

From a small vineyard, popular with members, between Côtes de Bourg and Fronsac, this is an excellent everyday claret showing off 2010’s backbone and grip.

More on copywriting from Econsultancy.

Augmented reality ice-cream-melting concerto app of the week

As Trendhunter explains, this ‘iOS app uses your phone to project a miniature concerto over Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Since the ice cream needs two minutes to soften and release its flavors, the app projects a perfectly-timed tune over your dessert tub.’

More on AR from Econsultancy. 

Single idea tumblr of the week

BassDogs – Replacing bass guitars with dogs.

Most poetic spam comment of the week

Properly arrange this and a cellophane treat container.

Air Jordan Shoes – your length and width are twenty four by way of 10 inches.

Erika Jensen is really a champ. 

Comment from ‘jfpfqfkt’ on ‘Do you know who I am? The importance of personalisation‘.

Econsultancy one year ago

Kelvin Newman’s excellent post on psychology. #DROPTHEMICPSYCHE 

Addictive but pointless YouTube video of the week

Gandalf nodding his head to a seven second clip of jazz for 10 hours.

Hot dog manufacturer’s video of the week

More on food and YouTube.

Slideshare of the week

99 Content Marketing Magnets from Barry Feldman 

Andrew Warren-Payne quotes of the week

The award for best utterance from our most English of Analysts is shared between the following: 

Like a modern-day internet Pitt Rivers

I’ll be in trouble if revealed as the author…

 I’ve brought sweets into the office, including a limited quantity of Haribo

TV news ident strapline of the week


‘What you should run at the top of every webinar’ of the week