Hello all readers and welcome to our new thing, ‘Crowdsauce’.

No doubt this shabby pun is in use in many places on the internet, but here it denotes a round-up post, potentially replacing our weekly infographic, where we can relax and share some fun or interesting stuff (caveat: mostly pointless).

The categories will likely differ each week. Let’s go…

SEO thingy of the week

New spam technique overwhelms Google. Read about it here.

Most poetic spam comment of the week

Our spam filter gets worked as hard as a montage-iteration Rocky Balboa. Here’s the best piece of poetry caught in the net. 

a recent visit to Yankee Stadium, we had no trouble bringing in frozen water bottles and we were thrilled to have them as the weather was quite warm.

I’ve even, unwisely, published it, so you can enjoy it in full.

Single-idea tumblr of the week

Batman running away from sh*t


On this day in web history

The ARPANET team were going to bed thinking ‘we’ll probably start the internet tomorrow’.

ARPANET Launched about now in August 1969.

7th August 1991 Tim does his stuff: The World Wide Web project was written up in summary by Tim Berners Lee based on the proposal from the year before, along with the standards for HTML, HTTP and URLs.

Sarcastic user of the week

This fellow.


Tools of the week

Place It with Breezi  – whack some of your own company’s products on to good stock imagery of phones and tablets in use (found via @wgx).

What the f*** is my A.V.E. – Tired of the complicated formulae needed to work out your advertising value of your media coverage? Of course you are. This way is much easier.

Developer Excuses. - That’s right, at hand, on tap, when you need them, which is often. (Granted, this can only be thought of as a ‘tool’ if you are a developer.)

Copywriting of the week

An easy choice. Step forward The Wine Society, for the following effort on your weekly email:

Where many Condrieu wines seem exuberant, Château-Grillet is discreet, even demure.

Even more pointless tools

Emoji Tracker. (found via @wgx)

Slideshare of the week

The brilliant Will Critchlow on the future of search.

Twitter handle of the week

Inaugural award goes to our intern, the courageously young, David Olshanetsky. His award winning handle? - @BTWOMGLIKEYAH

Three of the questions David has asked of us pathetically old hacks this week: ‘Have you seen Skins?’ ‘Do you know the Rizzle Kicks?’ ‘Do you know what a Gleek is?’ 

We-wish-it-was-real product of the week

The Garden Helicopter

Excuse the French. We wish it was real.

Andrew Warren-Payne quote of the week

The award for best utterance from our most English of Analysts is shared between the following:

Someone has to clear the buboes and balance the humours…

My friend’s parents used to keep their bees in Norway.

Chrome app of the week

Access websites blocked or censored in your country, company or school with the free Hola Unblocker VPN service.  

Econsultancy one year ago

We released our Real Time Bidding Buyer’s Guide.

CEO-Lewis-Carroll crossover of  the week

Ashley Friedlein