Michael Arrington has launched the latest addition to the Crunch Network, CrunchBoard, which is a job board aimed at the tech savvy Web 2.0 crowd. Adds another player to the Web 2.0 job finding options…

I must admit, I kinda saw this coming some time ago. Michael is a well connected guy in the Web 2.0 community, so it was only a matter of time before he joined the dots and put something like this together.

So, as far as “Web 2.0 job finding” goes, we’ve got the Vitamin Job Board, the 37Signals job board, and now CrunchBoard. Of course E-consultancy also does job listings for internet companies, focusing on the UK and Europe. All are at different prices ($185 plus VAT if in the UK, $250, $200, and mixed prices depending on your subscription, respectively), which is interesting in itself. Personally, I think you’d use different ones to hit different markets or types of people, with some obvious overlapping, but at the prices quoted hitting all of them would get you a lot of good exposure, especially if you’re converting back into pounds.

Arrington comments that he wasn’t able to do anything with 37Signals, which I think is a good thing for the industry – competition breeds innovation, and diversity which is a result of innovation, is what the market at large needs.

Something interesting to consider, is that none of them would really be serious cash spinners without the traffic that the parent sites are already generating, which is a result of good content. That good content was written for free for the community as a whole, and the traffic that has grown through that is both long tail driven, but also loyal reader traffic that has taken some time and effort to cultivate, with 37Signals possibly the best example of that. 

So if you’re into the Web 2.0 content opportunity, then this is something that should influence your thinking – creation of value to the user, through content or tools, is more important than executing on a Web 2.0 idea.

As for the job boards, many have come and gone in the past 8 or 9 years, so only time will tell whether the ones mentioned above are suitably niched and provide enough value to the user – my guess is that one or two of them will end up being largest by far.