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Customer Journey Mapping Best Practice Guide Packshot

Customer Journey Mapping Best Practice Guide

‌Customer journey mapping is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding and improving the customer experience.

The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of customer journey mapping and a simple starting point for anyone yet to map out their customer journeys.

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User Experience and Interaction Design for Mobile and Web Best Practice Guide Pack Shot

User Experience and Interaction Design for Mobile and Web

 ‌ This guide aims to cover all the key aspects of product design for desktop and mobile and equips readers with the tools and techniques to achieve clear, measurable business objectives. It contains some useful reflections on the state of UX as a discipline, including an overview of how organisations that are getting it right are organising their teams to build products that people like to use.


CX and UX trends in 2020: What do the experts predict?

 ‌ Here we are, joining the bandwagon of 2020 marketing predictions. Except we’d like to think that at Econsultancy we have a discerning group of expert friends who will give us a bit more than the standard ‘watch out for voice UIs’ or ‘break down data silos’.

Harnessing the Power of Personalisation Best Practice Guide

Does customer experience need its own department?

‌In an ideal world, everybody should champion the customer and their experience; certainly everyone within marketing, ecommerce / digital, sales, product development, service design and leadership.

That’s what happens in startups, and it’s easy to do when you’re a small band of merry men and women led by a charismatic founder. But how easy is it for a big multinational? How does that actually work?

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digital trends 2020

12 stats that show the importance of personalisation

 ‌ Is personalisation still worth it? Or as Ashley Friedlein suggests, does it merely need re-defining? Here’s a round-up of studies to reinforce the importance of personalisation, and how marketers are currently approaching it.


Global bank lifts conversion rate from 5% to 72% with new digital strategy

Summary Red Badger has been working with one of the world’s largest banks since 2016. With products going live in the last year, the agency’s work is contributing to a global efficiency target of £1.2bn. The bank’s Originations and Utilities team identified that conversion rates on retail products were less than 5%. For the eligible customers, there were two key […]

Fast Track Training: Customer Experience (CX)

Boost your rates of conversion, loyalty and advocacy with this intensive customer experience training course, covering: research and testing, strategy, user experience (UX) principles, design guidelines and persuasion techniques, mobile, new technologies, and more.

3-day course | various dates | London

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