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How L&G prioritises product thinking over feature delivery: a CX case study

In the midst of a mounting cost of living crisis, consumers are more aware of their financial wellbeing than ever – making straightforward, accessible financial services absolutely paramount.

According to research conducted by Legal & General, also known as L&G, 75% of its customer base expect 10 specific top tasks to be simple, intuitive, and available online.

“The whole concept of the connected experience has never been more important,” L&G’s Group Technology Director – Digital and Experience, Claire Hazle, told the audience at Econsultancy Live. “It’s really important that our customers feel in control of their financial wellbeing irrespective of the channel they choose to do it through.”


Consumer Neuroscience and Digital Marketing

This report explains how consumer neuroscience and consumer psychology can benefit digital marketers for strategy and implementation. It examines consumer neuroscience as a market research discipline, and explores cognitive concepts that can be directly applied by digital marketers.

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Webinar: Implementing a CX Strategy

This webinar draws on insights from Econsultancy’s new Digital Trends 2021 report research around customer experience, as well as the new Social CX and Service Best Practice Guide and other resources to explore what actions marketers can take to focus on delivering a great customer experience and tailor CX strategies to ensure success in 2021 and beyond.

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