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Customer service and generative AI: a uniquely transformational moment for the industry

Software company Intercom has been implementing generative AI in its customer support toolset. VP Customer Support Declan Ivory speaks to Econsultancy about what the tech means for the industry, from agent support and QA, to customer-facing bots and new human roles.

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Landing Page Best Practice for Paid Search

The previous chapter looked at landing page strategy for paid search campaigns. This chapter considers best practice techniques for creating and optimising effective landing pages. Twelve best practice guidelines for landing pages To be effective, landing pages need to combine the following to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates: Usability Accessibility Persuasiveness Ability […]

18 minute read

Landing Page Strategy for Paid Search

Destination or landing pages (where clicks are directed) are an integral part of any paid search campaign. Effective landing pages convert more visitors, and in Quality Score-based search engines they make an ad more competitive. In fact, with paid search, securing the click is only the start of the conversion journey. The landing page plays […]

15 minute read

Setting Up an Effective Email Testing Programme

Holistic testing is designed to reveal more about customer motivations and the ‘whys’ behind successful campaigns.  It can be implemented as a framework that imparts both a testing structure and a method for applying the results generated from those tests. This chapter discusses how to set up an email testing programme based on this approach. […]

10 minute read

Approaches to Email Testing

Advances in technology, particularly at the email service provider (ESP) level, should mean that testing becomes more widespread and more affordable. The creation, launch and adoption of AI-based testing tools has also been a major factor in giving marketers more control over the testing process, including allowing direct access to testing and results. Different attributes […]

16 minute read

A Framework for Email Testing

Email testing is both art and science. Creative thinking helps drive the possibilities for testing, but science ensures that the results will be reliable and repeatable. It relies on a formal structure that identifies a problem, develops a framework to address it, follows a strict procedure that eliminates chance, error or bias, and delivers results […]

5 minute read

The Importance of Email Testing

The ability to optimise easily is one of email’s greatest advantages over other marketing channels. Marketers that routinely send messages to their subscription lists have regular opportunities to test and optimise. This allows for continuous improvement. Testing programmes Testing can be conducted on all types of messages, including promotional campaigns, newsletters or updates to whole […]

5 minute read

Testing and Optimisation for Email Marketing: A Summary

An optimised email programme will generate more revenue and build greater engagement. It will add to the company’s understanding of its customers, making the channel an even more valuable resource, worthy of greater investment. Testing is the most common method of optimisation. Many email service providers now include basic testing modules in their platforms, which […]

2 minute read

Email Design Testing and Optimisation

Any strategy for an email programme should include the regular testing of master templates and individual design components to ensure that they render successfully across a variety of email clients and devices. This chapter discusses the benefits of pre-deployment testing and looks at how AMP for Email could impact email design. Design render and pre-deployment […]

6 minute read

Layout Elements for Email Design

Good email design should provide the reader with options and encourage them to act. Large, clickable headlines make it easy for customers to select items of interest, while subscription options allow them to tailor communications to their preferences, enabling emails to be more personalised and relevant. The following table lists key layout elements marketers can […]

4 minute read

Considerations for Email Design

When designing an email, it is vital to consider who will be reading the email. Email marketers should ensure they think about the different reading requirements and cultural differences of audience segments. Designing for accessibility Accessibility has become a pressing issue as awareness of the difficulties many email subscribers have in reading and interacting with […]

7 minute read

Best Practice for Email Design

The design of an email needs to take both technical and creative considerations into account, from the placement of elements to the use of code to ensure emails render correctly. This chapter looks at best practice for email design. ‘Above the fold’ and ‘below the fold’ These terms come from newspaper design and refer to […]

15 minute read

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The empty chair: Why innovation should centre on customer needs

This article is adapted from a section of Econsultancy’s Innovation Best Practice Guide, written by Steffan Aquarone. The guide presents a set of simple, practical ideas, and Aquarone takes the word ‘innovation’ itself to mean ‘finding ways of doing things differently’. The empty chair is a concept synonymous with Amazon’s customer-focus. Despite their importance to the […]


What does user experience (UX) mean?

This article is reproduced from Econsultancy’s report, User Experience and Interaction Design, authored by Steffan Aquarone and Will Grant, and also available as a quick guide. Jakob Nielsen, a UX consultant who The New York Times has called “the guru of web page usability”, wrote: “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with […]

‘Your brand is your product and your product is your brand’: Kallan & Co’s Luca Picardi on digital design

Luca Picardi is Head of Brand Strategy at Kallan & Co., a design studio with a virtual working model (and offices in Helsinki, Melbourne and Christchurch). He has been working across brands and digital products for the last decade. Given Picardi’s schooling at Central Saint Martins and current teaching work at BAU school of design […]

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Econsultancy’s digital and marketing trends for 2024

We’ve published a list of digital and marketing trends every January at Econsultancy for well over a decade, and have been training marketers for the better part of 20 years. Looking back at some of our annual predictions since 2010, three types of trend stand out: Trends that feel nostalgic, ideas that quickly became amusing […]

sam richardson, twilio

Twilio’s Sam Richardson: Accessibility should be built in to customer engagement strategies

Sam Richardson is a consultant at Twilio. She describes the team’s focus at the customer engagement platform, as “firmly on helping our [clients] to understand the importance of developing deeper relationships with customers.” “We’re working with them to encourage a mindset shift,” she continues, “from thinking about one off transactions to how they can earn […]

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