Customer satisfaction with UK broadband providers has fallen for the second year in a row, with good old BT coming last in a survey by research group JD Power.

Complaints now outnumber service related queries, according to the study, while overall satisfaction levels have fallen nine points to an average of 645 out of 1000.

Tiscali came top in the survey, with an average score of 668, followed by Virgin Media on 660, then Sky (657), AOL (646), Orange (636), Pipex (634), TalkTalk (630) and BT on 626.

But despite a fall in the average cost of a broadband subscription from £25.91 to £21.10, and a 40% rise in average speeds to 4.87Mbps, satisfaction has dropped.

Longer call waiting times have particularly tested the patience of customers, according to the survey. The average wait is now 17 minutes, incredibly.

JD Power surveyed 1,683 broadband ISP customers across the UK.

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