A new survey has shown that consumers are generally happy with the quality of home internet services, but also revealed a high level of dissatisfaction over customer service.

In Point Topic’s latest Broadband Consumer Survey, 91% of broadband customers said they were happy with the quality and reliability of their internet service, and 82% are satisfied with download times.

However, a quarter of the 2,122 people surveyed earlier this year were unhappy with the standard of customer service offered by their internet providers.

Point Topic Chief Executive Tim Johnson thinks that some ISPs are not placing enough importance on quality customer service:

“Support is the one key issue that makes customers unhappy, sales messages are mostly about speed and price, but the offerings are all becoming much the same.”

“Now we’ve got big new entrants trying to grab customers quickly, and finding it hard to keep up with delivery and support. So service is starting to move up the scale of customer concerns very quickly. It could soon be one of the biggest factors in choosing an ISP”.

With most ISPs now offering similar packages in terms of price and connection speeds the quality of customer service is an increasingly important factor in consumers’ choice of service provider.