The Daily Telegraph has launched MyTelegraph, a new service that enables readers to set up and personalise their own blogs.


It’s an interesting move, and the first of its kind by a UK newspaper. MyTelegraph was launched at the end of last week, and by last Friday, had a thousand registrations, 500 bloggers, 800 blog posts and 2,500 comments.

While other newspapers have blogs, or allow users to comment, MyTelegraph allows users to create their own blogs, profiles, write their own blog posts, and personalise their blog pages.

You can vote on each blog entry to show whether or not you agree with the writer’s article. Once enough votes have been submitted, a graph is generated to show the percentage of people that support the blogger.

MyTelegraph most popular blogs

Over time, this should let readers know who some of the more trusted and influential users are within the MyTelegraph community. The most viewed, commented on, and saved posts are displayed also.

Another attraction for some bloggers will be the URL they get on registration:

MyTelegraph is very impressive – its designers have created an easy to use blogging platform which makes it easy for non-technical users to start their own blog.

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