Sphinn is a new site launched last week by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land which, in a nutshell, is a more SEO-focused version of Digg.


As on Digg, users of Sphinn can submit and vote on stories and, if a story gets enough votes, it will be featured in the Hot Topics section.

Categories for story submissions on the site include the Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, along with search marketing, social media, and online marketing.

Danny is keen to emphasise the social aspect of the site – as well as submitting stories, Sphinn users can start discussions. Other users can add comments, and discussions can be voted into the Hot Topics section.

You can also search for online marketing contacts via the networks page, other users can ‘stalk’ you if they are interested in your submissions, and you view the list of stalkers via your profile page.

Sphinn is pretty impressive – it’s well-designed and easy to use, submitting stories is simple, and the site should become an excellent resource for information on online marketing.

As for the name, Danny explains:

“We liked the idea of a place where marketers could put their own spin on news by commenting on stories or having discussions. But spin.com was taken, as was spinn.com and sphinnn.com was a N too far, we felt. So we went with sphinn.com, pronouncing it “sp-hinn.”

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