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Data Analysis and Storytelling: Short Course

Upgrade your teams’ critical data and analysis skills with a powerful combination of live and on-demand training, with insights into the latest trends and inspiring examples from leading brands.

In just four weeks, your team will gain the skills to: 

  • Analyse data from different sources to generate insights
  • Understand and calculate ROI
  • Develop KPIs and measurement approaches
  • Create business cases
  • Present the data in a compelling way that galvanises action
 £340 per person based on a cohort of 25 learners.
Quick courses

Course overview

Data Analysis and Storytelling is a CPD accreddited course designed to equip your teams with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively analyse data, generate and communicate insights to drive business change.

The course entails:

Week One: A live kick-off session with a Senior Analyst. 

Week Two: On-demand learning to master the fundamentals of data analysis and insight generation, explore real-world examples across different industries, and get ready for the upcoming workshop.

Week Three: A half-day workshop led by renowned Data and Analytics expert Andrew Hood, a distinguished technologist, CEO and consultant.

Weeks Four and beyond: Enjoy 1-month’s access to Econsultancy’s latest trends, best practice research and case studies on data and analytics.

Improve your team’s data literacy skills


Live kickoff session on data analysis


Hour workshop delivered by renowned expert, Andrew Hood


On-demand lessons from the data and analytics channel


Hours of CPD accreditation

a mapping workshop at Tribal Worldwide London

Workshop agenda

Your workshop will be led by Andrew Hood, an experienced consultant and technologist with experience working with global clients in all aspects of data and analytics.

Packed with knowledge and insights, you’ll cover:

  • Balancing short and long term measures of success (leading vs lagging KPIs)
  • Frameworks for mapping KPIs to customer journeys and business objectives
  • Measuring and predicting impact using testing, modelling and attribution
  • The role of visualisation in interpreting and communicating data
  • Key principles of good and bad data visualisations
  • Identifying conclusions, recommendations, and hypotheses

Who the course is for

This course is designed especially for marketing and ecommerce teams looking to enhance their skills and unlock the power of their data. 

Data Analysis and Storytelling is for generalist practitioners who need to master key analytics concepts and put them to work in their daily practice. 

What other clients say about us

“We have been working with Econsultancy over the last two years to enhance the skills and capabilities of our global CRM community. Employees’ feedback on the training was exceptional, and the live case studies that they worked on have the potential to generate £100m for our business.”

“The Dyson Commercial Academy led by Econsultancy is hugely important to set our people up for digital success and to help us keep up with our pace of growth, ambitious plans, and the complexities of global expansion.”

“Econsultancy has been an outstanding partner in helping us drive digital transformation across our teams.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the course?
      • The course takes four weeks to complete
  • What are the time requirements?
      • Please allow 10 hours over the four week course
  • Can I enrol in the course as an individual?
      • This course is designed for teams of up to 25 people
  • When does the course start?
      • The start date for the next cohort will be announced shortly.
  • How many CPD credits do I get?
      • You will achieve 10 hours of CPD accreditation
  • How much does it cost?
      • This course costs £340 per person based on a cohort of 25 learners.