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Roundtable: Data, Segmentations and Personas

Join this roundtable to discuss how to put data to work to create robust and useful customer segmentations and personas, as well as how segmentations will facilitate strategic decision-making in the future.

February 26th | London

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Segmentations and Personas Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction Marketers have always sought to find the most relevant buyers for their products. In the 1950s, this concept took a step forward when Wendell Smith published an award-winning article in the Journal of Marketing on product differentiation and market segmentation.[1] This article put segmentations on the map for marketers, and soon market segmentations […]

Digital Transformation and the Role of Data

1. Introduction The modern marketer’s dilemma “After several years of long Christmas lists to Santa, this year my girls could not think of anything they wanted. It dawned on me; my kids are not seeing marketing encouraging them to want things. My job and the jobs of future global marketers are getting more challenging. We […]

Business people discuss graphs and measurement

A Short Guide to Maximising the ROI of Digital Marketing

1. Introduction The size of investment that brands make in digital marketing programmes mean that it is extremely important to understand the impact that spend is having. Yet there remains little industry consensus on the best way to achieve an accurate, quantified view on the contribution that a marketing strategy has had on revenue and […]

Customer Data Platforms Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction Organising large amounts of customer data is becoming a huge challenge for marketers who want a ‘360 degree view’ of their customers. Customer data platforms (CDPs) offer a way for organisations to bring together disparate customer data into one place, to allow for the easy sharing of this information with other systems. This […]

Data science

Customer Data Platforms Best Practice Guide

This report explains what customer data platforms are, how they can help marketers and how they might change the marketing technology landscape.

It also explains the features that characterise CDPs, while clarifying how these platforms differ from other marketing tools such as customer relationship management systems, data management platforms and others.



An introduction to the third-party cookie crackdown

‌ This briefing will cover:

  • The cookiepocalypse: a timeline
  • Alternatives to cookie-based advertising
  • Alternative forms of measurement
  • Alternative data sources
  • Contextual targeting

Fast Track Training: Advanced Data & Analytics

Develop your analytics strategy and gain practical skills to transform available data into powerful insights, with this Fast Track training course. You’ll cover the full analytics journey, from planning, measurement and data collection through to the practicalities of analysing, optimising and predicting behaviour.

3-day course | various dates | London

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A day in the life of… Mark Douthwaite, AI Engineer at Peak

Mark Douthwaite is an AI engineer at Peak, a start-up which works within retail and ecommerce, adapting AI to solve supply chain issues with the likes of ASOS, Footasylum, Fred Perry and Morrisons. So, let’s hear what Douthwaite does every day, and see if he can cut through the hype and explain the true power […]

A Guide to Digital Marketing Tools

‌ This report provides marketers with an overview of 60 popular and peer-recommended tools in four main categories: content and experience, data, analytics and insights, email and marketing automation and social media and customer relationships.

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