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"94% of CMOs in North America and Europe say they plan to increase automation in data and analytics solutions by 2020"

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A Short Guide to Maximising the ROI of Digital Marketing

1. Introduction The size of investment that brands make in digital marketing programmes mean that it is extremely important to understand the impact that spend is having. Yet there remains little industry consensus on the best way to achieve an accurate, quantified view on the contribution that a marketing strategy has had on revenue and […]

Data fundamentals

How the DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom) pyramid can be used to extract value from data.

Analytics fundamentals

What analytics is, what data can be analysed and the key to drawing value from analytics.

Fast Track Training: Advanced Data & Analytics

Develop your analytics strategy and gain practical skills to transform available data into powerful insights, with this Fast Track training course. You’ll cover the full analytics journey, from planning, measurement and data collection through to the practicalities of analysing, optimising and predicting behaviour.

3-day course | various dates | London

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Working Effectively with Data Teams – Best Practice

1. Introduction 1.1. Executive summary With an increasing number of digital channels, the time, attention and trust that consumers have to give to marketing content is fragmented. To make matters worse, consumers’ unprecedented power to control their media experiences has made it more challenging than ever to reach them. On the other hand, marketers have […]

Marketing in the Dark: Dark Data

So, how are organisations navigating this murky world? Here are some key charts taken from the report, with insight into what they might tell us. A strategic approach to data In order to gain a competitive edge, it is important for organisations to undertake a strategic approach to data. One way to initiate this is […]

Data and Analytics Webinar

In this webinar we examine some of the key trends and challenges impacting the area of data and analytics and how companies are addressing these.

Discussion points include: optimising your business using data and analytics; understanding the value of your marketing and customers (ROI and CLV), and how AI will take predictive analytics to the next level.

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