Our new report published in association with Ensighten, titled Customer Experience Optimisation, investigates how marketers are using technology and data to personalise the customer experience.

The results show that not all data is perceived as equal for the purposes of customer experience optimisation.

The majority of both agency and client-side respondents (93%) are pulling data from their web analytics, while around two-thirds are also utilising their CRM and data warehouse.

However, this is the end of the similarities as 59% of companies say data is pulled from customer satisfaction surveys, compared to 48% of agency clients.

From which of the following sources do you / your clients pull data for customer experience optimisation?

While the usefulness of the data acquired from a marketing automation platform will be dependent on an organisation’s capabilities in this area, it is more than likely that almost all companies utilise email as part of their marketing activities.

Yet only 45% are using email service provider (ESP) data for optimising the customer experience.

Data modelling

The report also investigates how data modelling feeds into other business practices.

Most organisations typically lean towards ‘last click’ as their default attribution model, which puts a heavy weighting on the last stage of the journey, whilst ignoring the rest of the journey.

While more than half are using data modelling for attribution, this is still a relatively small proportion given its rising appeal, particularly in the context of driving marketing efficiencies.

For which of the following practices are you / your clients currently using data modelling? 

Lookalike data models allow organisations to extend their reach by building larger audiences from smaller samples.

Just over a quarter (27%) of company and agency respondents are utilising lookalike audiences, but with social platforms opening up these capabilities in coming months, organisations should explore this further.

For more on this topic, download the full report: Customer Experience Optimisation