Data & Tools

From our powerful and fully searchable data tools, providing charts, market insights and statistics in an instant, to a wealth of downloadable templates, we’ve got a range of resources to support your business objectives and digital marketing strategy.

Internet Statistics Database

Whether you’re creating a presentation, business case or client pitch, or simply researching the marketplace, the ISD provides the stats you need quickly and easily.

Our fully searchable database compiles all the latest market data, facts, charts and figures, saving you time and effort. You can save items for later, or download them so they can be easily added to your report or presentation.

Performance Benchmarks

Gain real insight into your organisation’s digital performance by searching and comparing against hundreds of B2B and B2C performance metrics, gathered from a mix of reliable, verified and regularly updated sources.

Whether it’s average order value of consumers in the US you’re looking for, or what the global average open rate on email looks like, this tool provides a quick way of gauging what ‘good’ looks like for your organisation.

Templates for Marketing Projects

Save time and effort on your digital projects by accessing our range of downloadable templates. We’ve got templates for everything from digital marketing to web, business case and RFP available for your own use.

These resources have been created by expert practitioners to provide you with practical examples of best practice, and templates that you can edit, modify and build upon.

Econsultancy Digital Skills Index

Digital Skills Index

Take a short skills test to see how you measure up across a range of topics integral to modern marketing.

On completion you’ll be given a full diagnostic with personalised recommendations for further learning to help you sharpen your skills and improve your score.

Influencer Intelligence

Our powerful data intelligence tool combines the knowledge and insights you need to deliver a successful celebrity and influencer marketing strategy.

With over 100,000 in-depth talent profiles providing insight into their values, interests, social reach, influence, and the make-up of their audience, you can discover and connect with only the most relevant inflencers for your business.

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