More than two years of Twitter data has been made available to marketers through social data platform DataSift.

Data doesn’t come much bigger than the estimated 250m tweets that users fire off every day, and Datasift’s cloud-computing platform hosts more than half a petabyte of historical information dating back to January 2010.

It is the only company in the world that can offer this data, which could be useful to a range of organisations including advertisers, governments and researchers.

Obviously filtering through billions of Tweets is no mean feat, but DataSift chief marketing officer Tim Barker said the company’s platform takes out all the heavy lifting so clients can easily access the relevant data.

We take the data from these social fire hoses, inspect it and enrich it with tags indicating things like sentiment, location and social influence.

The software allows the user to filter on criteria such as Klout scores and job titles included within a Twitter biog.

It also assesses every link that is posted on Twitter so users can see who is sharing their content and what is being said about it.

However Barker warns against seeing it as a tool for direct marketing or upselling.

I would say to tread carefully when hard selling, as quite often people don’t like that. Datasift is more of a monitoring tool to find out who is talking about your brand and to measure the impact of marketing activities.

The software can also pull public data from other social networks such as Facebook, and Barker said the company is considering adding Google+ and Pinterest.

Historics is available today to existing customers who subscribe to DataSift’s real time platform and is scheduled to be generally available by April.

It can be purchased on a subscription or pay-as-you-go model.