DDB Worldwide has unveiled an ‘I Care’ button for Facebook, pitched as a more appropriate way to show support for charitable causes than the social network’s ever-present ‘Like’ alternative.

The world’s first ‘I Care’ button is now live on MTV’s Voices hub, following a period of beta testing.

MTV describes the site as “an international platform that highlights socially positive and inspirational content produced by a select team of global correspondents, international and local music artists and MTV’s audience”.

DDB has created a separate site at icare-movement.com, which will in time aggregate the use of the ‘I Care’ button and reflect the “most cared about topics worldwide”.

Via the site, the code for the button is being made available to websites to embed alongside their content.

DDB New York CCO Matt Eastwood said that the agency believes that creativity can change the world for the better.

This was an unsolicited project that we felt represented an opportunity to fill a void in the online social community and we are greatly looking forward to seeing the “I Care” button proliferated and, ideally, convert awareness and engagement into action.”