Statistics from Debenhams provide further evidence of the value of mobile commerce to retailers, with its iPhone app bringing in £1m in sales in five months. 

Following the early success of the iPhone app, Debenhams is now releasing apps for Android and Nokia devices. 

The Debenhams iPhone app, released in October last year, is a well designed app which plays a useful role in the retailer’s multichannel strategy.

By following up with Android and Nokia apps, Debenhams has expanded its reach to other mobile users, and also internationally – the iPhone app has been used as far away as Australia and New Zealand. 


Several surveys, including this recent one from iModerate, show the growing use of smartphones in offline retail. More than half of smartphone owners use their mobiles in stores, mainly for price comparison and product research. 

The Debenhams apps are in part designed to take advantage of such trends, and the barcode scanner is something that makes this kind of product research much easier for users.

Though the Nokia version doesn’t have the barcode scanning function, the Android version does, making Debenhams the first high street retailer to offer this. On the iPhone app, the barcode scanner has proved to be a popular feature, having been used over 90,000 times.

The iPhone app has been downloaded 360,000 times, and 110,000 people have used the app five times or more since its launch.