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Oda’s CEO on how online grocery can compete on price with offline discounters

At ShopTalk Europe 2022, Karl Munthe-Kaas, CEO and co-founder of Norway’s dominant online grocery retailer, explained why he believes that online grocery can be “more efficient than offline discount” – and why the trifecta of selection, quality and price are needed for online grocers to be truly competitive.

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Ecommerce Trends report: Chapter 6 – Payment and Fulfillment Experience

 ‌ From free shipping to real-time delivery tracking, ecommerce is constantly evolving to make it easier and more attractive for people to shop online. Consumers have come to expect simple and seamless processes not only for receiving the products they have purchased, but also for returning unwanted products.

This chapter from Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Trends report explores the experience of payment and fulfillment, including delivery and returns.

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Fulfilment and delivery trends in grocery and FMCG

From order picking to last mile delivery, grocery retailers and FMCG brands are increasingly looking for ways to improve speed and efficiency in omnichannel fulfilment. With rising consumer expectations, the goal is to give customers what they want, exactly when they want it, even amid wider challenges in the supply chain. A large number of […]

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Will autonomous vehicles revolutionise last mile delivery for ecommerce?

From logistics to sales and marketing, automation has the ability to transform ecommerce. And although tech companies such as Ocado Solutions have been pioneers of automation, last-mile delivery is still one area yet to be disrupted. Could autonomous vehicles be the next innovation in the industry? According to a 2021 report from Verified Market Research, […]

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What is q-commerce?

Fast delivery has always been part of a good retail customer experience, but now, a new wave of companies are making speed their USP.

Digital Shift Q3 2021 chapter 4

Digital Shift Report Q3 2021 Chapter 4 – Digital logistics

Digital Shift explores the fascinating ways that logistics and digital technologies are colliding, including morning coffee delivered by autonomous robots, autonomous trucks and Ben & Jerry’s on demand. It also looks at new research that may change the way the industry interprets both the opportunities and challenges in ecommerce right now.


How click & collect could bring traditional retailers back to life

 ‌ As an increasing number of staples of the UK’s high streets and shopping centres close branches, lay off employees and outright disappear, many have pondered how brick-and-mortar retailers can revive their fortunes in the age of ecommerce. Click and collect may be part of the solution.


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