There is a lot of buzz in the digital world at present around the rise of demand side platforms and real time bidding being the future for display advertising and particularly network buying.  

With all the data, technology, and bidding involved, paid search marketers could find themselves best placed to take advantage of the rising popularity.

In a previous article for Econsultancy, Andy Betts wrote about the rise in demand side platforms and what it means for marketers. And with search marketing technology companies jumping on the bandwagon to tap into demand side platforms I can’t help but think the best people to take advantage of growing use of these platforms are the search marketers of this world, and particularly those in the paid search space.

Pay per click marketers have long earned their crust sifting through data, managing via software platforms and crafting complex bid strategies. OK, so they would need to learn to talk banners over ad text, and placements over keywords, but demand side platforms and real time bidding bring display advertising closer to paid search in numerous ways:

  • Data, and what to do with it
    Having lots of data to hand about impressions, clicks, placements, conversions and bids is one thing, knowing what to do with it is another. Paid search marketers are well versed in the interpretation of large data sets, it’s what they have been doing for years.
  • What to bid and when to bid
    It sounds simple, but crafting bid strategies which make the most of the market at any given time is a complex process. Applying the right bid at the right time can be the difference blowing your client away, and just blowing their budget.
  • Real time, real tricky
    Whilst the concept of setting up a display advertising campaign and leaving it to run for a month might, on the whole, be a thing of the past, the concept of monitoring a campaign in real time is still more in line with a paid search campaign than a traditional media buy.

Whilst the creative element of display advertising may be a step too far for paid search marketers, the more towards data driven, optimised display campaigns is starting to make it look a lot like paid search.

So if you are looking for somebody to manage your display advertising in the future you may want to consider looking in the direction of your PPC team.