Digital technologies are having a transformational impact on the communications environment but whilst much analysis has been conducted into implications for client-side marketers, a relative paucity of research exists into how agencies are adapting their processes, offerings and capabilities.

Econsultancy’s The Progression of Agency Value: Developing a Model for Agency Maturity in a Digital World report, conducted in partnership with Adobe, examines how agencies need to evolve across four key pillars of maturity: data, technology, skills and culture. 

The Progression of Agency Value study set out to identify the common issues, themes and challenges faced by agencies in the context of an increasingly digital business environment.

Conducted through a series of in-depth interviews with a broad range of senior agency contacts across Europe, its aim is to provide better intelligence on how agencies are responding to those challenges through their use of technology, and evolving behaviours and business models in order to maximise opportunity, to create value and to differentiate.

The Progression of Agency Value: Developing a Model for Agency Maturity in a Digital World

A key output of the study is to provide a broad-based model for agency maturity that incorporates the essential component areas arising from the research: data, technology, skills and culture.

The study has revealed an agency environment characterised by significant and continuous change, requiring all agencies to acquire more flexible and adaptive approaches.

A shift away from traditional practice defined by one-way, campaign-driven messaging towards the creation of more complex, two-way, participative platforms and experiences is bringing new challenges and compelling agencies to change the way they work with clients and evolve their use of technology.

As the number of devices, channels and customer touchpoints explodes, involving more diverse use of owned and earned media assets as well as paid media, this requires a shift from delivering services, towards staging experiences, and eventually to guiding transformations for clients.

The Progression of Agency Value

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Whilst agencies are at different stages along the progression of agency value, and adapting their use of technology, their structures, the skills they are developing, and the relationship they have with their clients, the key question is: are they moving fast enough?

The 59-page report includes sections on:

  • Challenges and their implications on structures, resourcing, skills and culture.
  • Models for maturity in data, technology, skills and culture.
  • A model for agency maturity incorporating the essential component areas arising from the research.
  • The opportunity for agencies.

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