The Digg app for the iPhone was released yesterday, which allows mobile users to browse content and vote on stories,  as on the main site. 

I’ve been trying the new app out… 

The basic functions of the app, browsing and searching for content, are available to all, but you need to either login or create an account to vote on stories. 

Users can either see the most Dugg stories of the moment, browse by category, or search by keyword. 

Quick previews of articles can be viewed, while clicking headlines will take you to the full version. Regular Digg users will be familiar with this, but the fact the headlines are links to the full article isn’t obvious for the uninitiated. 

Comments and related stories can be seen by clicking the link at the top of the page, while at the foot of article pages the Digg and bury options and total score is shown. 

There are also links to email stories or share via Facebook or Twitter. 

Unlike most apps, the Digg iPhone app doesn’t have any navigational functions at the foot of the screen, which makes getting back to the homepage, for instance, more awkward than it needs to be. 

Also, the app was very buggy when I tried it out. I was kicked out of the app several times, and often the content of pages simply failed to load. I saw this screen too many times. I also found it impossible to login and actually Digg stories since the login screen wouldn’t load up. 


I tried the app out last night, and encountered a number of bugs, but the app seems to be behaving itself this morning. Judging by some of the App Store reviews, others have experienced the same issues. 

The Digg app has a good user interface, and it’s a useful app for browsing and finding interesting articles to read, makes it easy to rate stories and comments, and provides an excellent, streamlined version of the main site.