digiorno twitterDiGiorno is launching its new flatbread pizza via traditional media channels — and on one not-so-traditional one. The brand is looking for highly influential twitterers and will be offering to deliver pies to their tweetups.

“We’ve always been out there with a lot of different media touch
points, with a combination of online and offline,” Tom Moe,
director-marketing for Kraft’s DiGiorno brand, told AdAge. “We’re always looking
for the newest and most relevant places to be in both areas, and we
thought this would be a great offer to combine with Twitter.”

PR agency Weber Shandwick will be responsible for deciding who’s
influential enough to merit free food at their meetings. No word on
whether the select few will receive frozen pizzas, or something of a
more ready to eat variety. Moe says results of the campaign will be
measured by engagement at events, and how much social media chatter is
generated later. Again, no word on whether or not the pizza has a
dedicated hash tag.