You might imagine that many of the top digital agencies will be fearsome Twitter users, not least because many agency staffers regularly use the platform to communicate. 

So have the majority of agencies claimed Twitter accounts for their brand names? Are they tweeting about their innovative campaigns and web projects, to spread the word and gain kudos?

I was perplexed to discover that many agencies haven’t yet bothered, and I’m not sure what message that sends out to the client-side.

I checked out the top 50 agencies (based on NMA’s list, which is UK-focused and ranks agencies by income generated by digital media activities). The results may come as a surprise…

  1. Sapient – the user name is taken and is a person, rather than the UK’s biggest earner in the digital agency sector.
  2. LBi UK – @LBI lives in Taipei while the user name @LBIUK ‘doesn’t exist’.
  3. Conchango – user name claimed, with links to a bunch of videos. No branding. No user profile information. 11 tweets. 
  4. AKQA – none, by the looks of it. User name claimed. 61 followers. Zero branding and no updates. 
  5. Digital Marketing Group – @DMG is taken with updates protected, but it doesn’t look like the agency in question. 
  6. Detica – no account. User name has been suspended. 
  7. Avenue A/Razorfish – woop! @razorfish is up and running and they’re doing a good job of keeping it updated. They’ve amassed an impressive 1,628 followers so far, and are the standout winner in this list.
  8. MRM Worldwide – no account. 
  9. Ioko – no account. 
  10. IMG Digital Media  – no account. 
  11. Perform – no account. 
  12. Web Technology Group – no account.
  13. – woop! Kind of. @agencycom has been claimed for ‘unofficial tweets, could be fun?’. No followers, possibly due to only one update from earlier this month that simply says ‘Test’. Get to it!
  14. Dare – woop! @daredigital appears to be the real deal. 176 followers and nine ethereal tweets. 
  15. Javelin Group – no account… @javelin is a dude from Philly, while @javelingroup ‘doesn’t exist’. 
  16. GT – no account. @gt and @wearegt both taken but there’s no action to speak of.
  17. Amaze – no account. @amaze is taken and @amazeplc remains unclaimed. 
  18. Agency Republic – woop! @agencyrepublic has a Twitter account, 198 followers, and has posted 63 updates. Kudos.
  19. Global Beach – ‘this person has protected their updates’. One follower, one update. Not convinced.
  20. TBG London – woop! @tbglondon is claimed and is being used as a feed for the company’s blog headlines. 16 followers, 62 updates, but it isn’t following anybody as yet.
  21. Reading Room – @readingroom is taken but not by the agency in question. 
  22. Investis – @investis is taken, but has no description, followers or updates. Doubtful.
  23. Syzygy London – @syzygy is claimed, and not by the agency by the looks of it, while @syzygylondon ‘doesn’t exist’. But search for @syzygyuk and you’ll find the official Twitter page. Woop!
  24. Carlson Marketing Group (UK) – no account. 
  25. Chemistry Communications – no account. 
  26. Publicis Modem – @publicis and @publicismodem have both been claimed by somebody at the agency’s Zurich office. Not too much action though. 
  27. The Grass Roots Group (UK) – no account. 
  28. Digitaltmw – no account. 
  29. Profero – woop! @profero is indeed the agency’s Twitter account. 221 followers and 112 updates. 
  30. Glue London – @gluelondon is taken but there’s nothing going on. Unconvinced. 
  31. Archibald Ingall Stretton – no account.
  32. Rufus Leonard – no account. 
  33. Sift – woop! Account claimed with 30 followers and a solitary update from earlier this month. 
  34. Proximity London – no account. 
  35. RMG Connect – woop! Last month the agency’s Sydney office had the foresight to bag @rmgconnect. A lovely background image too. 33 followers and 28 updates.
  36. Grand Union – no account, user name claimed. 
  37. Interakting – no account. User name taken, and not by the agency. 
  38. Altogether Digital – woop! @altogther has 63 followers and has posted 158 updates, although the tweets are few and far between this year.
  39. Red Bee Media – no account. 
  40. Tequila\London – no account. 
  41. Metia – woop! @metia has been claimed by the agency but has yet to post a single tweet (despite accumulating 64 followers). 
  42. Twentysix – no account. 
  43. Delaney Lund Knox Warren – no account. @dlkw ‘doesn’t exist’. 
  44. Lida – no account. 
  45. Poke – no account. That said, the user name is taken, but if it owns the @pokelondon

    account it isn’t doing much with it, despite the 100 followers it has picked up.  

  46. HeathWallace – appears to have claimed the user account, though there’s nothing going on.
  47. Lightmaker – woop! @lightmaker started tweeting last month and has 42 followers. 
  48. cScape – woop! The official @cScape Twitter feed sparked into life earlier this week! 33 followers so far – early days.  
  49. Zone – no account. @zone has been suspended, so there is hope.
  50. de-construct – no account. The user name has been claimed.

That’s roughly a 25% adoption rate… much less than I had anticipated.

If your agency is using Twitter then leave a comment below and big yourself up. You can also create an agency profile in our supplier directory (which will become a much sexier beast in the months to come).