LOVEFiLM’s Craig Sullivan provides a weekly overview of the key news stories to emerge this week in the online video sector.

Fox Announcement

Fox to Sell Films Online – Los Angeles Times

Fox to sell films and use IGN/Myspace to promote downloads….

Fox plans ad-supported ‘free’ movies online

You heard it here before – ad supported and ‘free’ is the new free


CinemaNow claims 94% of download-to-burn DVDs work

Oh yeah, and what happened to the other 6% then?

Download to Burn : Interview with John Newman of Sonic

FluxDVD and Sonic are the two players for the DTB technology right now. Read on….

Studios to OK copying movie downloads to disc | CNET

More news on changes to CSS for kiosks and download to burn


Reed Hastings Interview : Netflix Setting Stage For Movie Downloads

CEO of Netflix interviewed on growth, digital, HD-DVD and kiosks.

Glowria HD VOD set top box uses Cisco, Microsoft technology

Glowria uses Cixco media receiver and Microsoft TV IPTV platform for HD on demand TV

NTL Telewest to be taken over for $20bn?

Rumours of consortium buyout for NTL/TW….


Some details on the Set Top Box BT are going to use for their Video on Demand service

User Generated Content

YouTube wants to host “every music video ever created”

Oh dear, does that mean we’ll get to see Orville or Grandma videos again?

CNN Launches Site Devoted to User-Generated Content

CNN launches UGC site…..

Best summary of Web 2.0, the long tail, social networks, participation and growth models
Want to know about architectures of participation, network effects and why myspace and youtube grew so quickly?

The Upside to Video Uploads

Positive spin on UGC content and revenue models being tested

MTV pays $200m for Atom, mulls Bebo bid….

MTV 25 years old this year eh? Snaps up loads of young, hip, digital stuff….

User-Generated Content Drives Half of U.S. Top 10 Fastest Growing Web Brands, According to Nielsen//NetRatings

Video and social networking sites dominate fast risers in audience share…

Seth Godin’s Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List on

Web 2.0 companies in a list, ranked by Alexa – great for tracking

Advertising Age – Welcome to the Anti-Social Club

The antidote to Myspace – having closed invite only community sites for your customers?

Hitwise statistics for Google, Youtube, Myspace and Yahoo to 14 August

See the difference it made to Google just by adding the word video to the front page?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Young drive ‘radical media shift’

70% of 16-24 year olds use a social networking site, 1 in 5 have their own website or blog.

Interview with Todd Johnson : Kontiki

Interview with Kontiki P2P video folks, now acquired by Verisign.


The future of PVRs – AVReview Features

Nice roundup of the leading PVR boxes available in the UK

MovieBeam Misses the Mark Again

Wireless video on demand box fails to live up to expectations

HDMI 1.3 – why your HDTV is already out of date – AVReview HDTV advice

So more like HD superceded then?