LOVEFiLM’s Craig Sullivan provides a weekly overview of the key news stories to emerge this week in the online video sector…

Amazon Readies Launch of Video Download Service – Advertising Age

Amazon readies August launch of download service. Watch this space…

CinemaNow Launches “Burn to DVD” Service

100 plus titles can be downloaded and burned to DVD by consumers

CinemaNow press release on Download to Burn

CinemaNow licenses technology from for download to burn on 100 titles.

Movielink to allow movies transferred to DVDs | Tech News on ZDNet

Download to Burn – no news on studio signoff or availability.

Netflix outlook disappoints –

Netflix stock down 20 percent – cautious outlook, acqusition costs up…

Universal and Telefonica start downloads in Spain

Telefonica owned Pixbox supplied video content as a download for between 9 and 16 euros.

Web To TV Still A Long Road For Movie Downloads | Information Week

What a glum prediction eh? Big investments already in web technologies but some predict content deals to take years.

Microsoft Confirms Zune details

MS iPod ‘killer’ details released – interesting twist is to ‘buy out’ your iTunes content – ouch!

Fox Film Studio Climbs on Social Media Gravy Train

Fox does cool and hip stuff with Jumpcut, Stupidvideos, Social networking….

Interview with Rupert Murdoch : Myspace, video, mobiles

Very interesting interview with Mr M – covers the myspace expansion, interactive media, mobiles etc.

MTV readies debut of community-based channel – Media Bulletin

MTV set to launch community networking TV channel…

Media, networking sites fuel new tech bubble | Chicago Tribune

Tech Bubble? What tech bubble? VC funding flows to media/video companies

“Quad play” cable service unveiled by NTL Telewest |Digital Spy

NTL integrates Virgin into phone/TV/Broadband/Mobile offering – 2 for £20, 3 for £30, 4 for £40

YouTube dances the copyright tango | CNET

YouTube has its date in court over copyright theft claim.