The beauty industry is a saturated market, filled with a multitude of brands vying for the attention and loyalty of consumers. A stand-out product or interesting story is no longer enough to succeed, it seems, as consumers become increasingly demanding and more digitally-savvy than ever before.

In order to break through, beauty brands today are placing a bigger focus on customer experience (CX).

CX is not just about basic interactions, of course, as what one customer might perceive as valuable, another might not. Consequently, Forrester suggests that to achieve a superior customer experience, companies must ensure that interactions are threefold. First, to ensure that they are useful (i.e. they provide some kind of value), second, that they are usable (meaning the value is obvious and easy to find). And third, that they are enjoyable (so customers want to repeat the interaction).

Most importantly of all, perhaps, is that these interactions align to create a seamless experience across all channels, including online as well as offline.

So, how are beauty brands achieving this? Let’s delve into the topic of CX within the beauty industry, how new innovations are giving brands the edge, and what we might expect from the industry in future.

This briefing covers:

  • New marketplaces
  • Mobile experiences as link between online and offline
  • Direct-to-consumer and community-driven brands
  • Social commerce
  • Augmented reality
  • Customised and bespoke beauty

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