Each week with Digital Dose, we will be talking to top marketers their top tips for their peers.

Today, we highlight a tip from Jeremy Post, Search Marketing Lead at Modcloth, who details how attribution is an important part of an integrated marketing strategy as it shows where your performance lies.

Here are some of our recent reports and articles that delve further into attribution, how it works and how you can apply it to your campaigns:

Companies struggling to perform attribution and online/offline measurement

One of the holy grails for digital marketers is to be able to calculate the effectiveness of each stage of a customer journey and to optimise it to increase sales.

While some would have hoped that the often-cited quote attributed to Lord Leverhulme would become a relic of the past, unfortunately companies are still struggling to measure their customer journeys.

TUI Travel grows online revenue using attribution management

TUI Travel has revealed that one of its brands increased online revenue by 30% month-on-month after tracking customers across both online and offline channels.

Tracking the customer journey with marketing attribution: new report

Marketing attribution is the practice of determining the role that channels play in informing and influencing the customer journey. Econsultancy’s recent research, conducted in association with Google Analytics, makes it clear that digital channels don’t operate independently. Their interplay is unique for every company and every product.