Each week with Digital Dose, we will be talking to top marketers their top tips for their peers.

Today, we highlight a tip from Chris Tolles, CEO of Topix, who details how you should focus on content that interests your customer rather than pushing sales. 

Here are some of our recent reports and articles that delve further into planning content that’s right for your company and your market:

Five golden rules for creating social video content

Online video is an important tool for marketers as it offers a great opportunity for building consumer engagement and developing a brand image. Brands need to work out how to translate their creative ideas to the social web and ensure their content drives traffic and conversions on their other digital platforms.

What’s your content marketing plan of attack? [infographic]

This infographic from Quaturo looks at content marketing as a new type of battle to fight in this post-penguin/panda world. It shows how marketers can avoid the SEO minefield that has developed as a result of these recent algorithm updates.

The 34 types of blog post that work wonders for Econsultancy

Our blog accounts for two thirds of our site traffic and has helped us grow awareness of our brand. It’s also helped us gain traction with our organic search results and gives great content for our social media manager to share with our community. 

Content marketing: four inspiring ideas you may have missed

We all struggle for content ideas from time to time, where a blank page and a deadline combine to give you a big headache. If you’re wondering what you should, or could be writing to fuel your content marketing machine here are a few simple sources of great content.