Each week, we will be talking to marketers across the globe about what top tips they think will help other marketers excel in their day to day practise.

Today, we hear from Carolyn Carden from Hewlett Packard on why you should always focus on the customer first.

Following on from Caroline’s tip, here are a few of our recent reports and insight pieces that may help you maintain the customer centric focus you need:

  • The Reducing Customer Struggle report, published by Econsultancy in association with Tealeaf, looks in-depth at the extent to which companies understand the overall online customer experience and the approaches or types of technology they use to identify and address issues. By understanding this experience, you can create an approach to make their online customer journey.
  • By being socially devoted to your customer care, you can increase ROI. In this post, Jan Rezab, CEO at Candytech & Socialbakers, details his new socially devoted standard based on the principles of being an open company, responding to fans and responding quickly. 
  • The customer journey from early exposure to sale increasingly involves multiple exposures across multiple channels. Econsultancy’s Marketing Attribution: Understanding Value Across the Customer Journey, sponsored by Google Analytics, is a survey and collection of interviews with marketers about the benefits of attribution across multiple channels, various approaches and technologies used, and the keys to success.
  • What happens when you can’t meet customer demand? This is a struggle many companies face, but once these demands aren’t met they could disappear. Some distinct demands that may emerge include unseen, unmet, supressed and unknown demands. Blogger Graham Oakes gives some tips on how to identify and deal with the demands your company may be facing today.

Any more tips you have for keeping customers first?