Everyone loves statistics, so as the year comes to a close, we’ve pulled out some juicy data for the region. 

All the information has been taken from Econsultancy’s Australian Internet Statistics Compendium, a data-behemoth document that’s more than 450 pages long and updated on a monthly basis. 

So, what’s happening in digital, Down Under? 

Usage and demographics 

  • 33% of Australian internet users say that they spend less time watching television since being connected to the internet. [Source: Australian Policy Online] 
  • Average Australians spend nearly 44 hours using internet on a PC each month. [Source: Nielsen] 
  • 60% of online Australians say they watch TV and use the internet at the same time. [Source: ACMA] 
  • In two years, the average volume of data downloaded per internet subscriber in Australia increased by 114%. [Source: ACMA]
  • Only 15% of total Australian internet use happens at home. [Source: Australian Policy Online] 
  • 55% of Australians consider the internet ‘very important’. [Source: Australian Policy Online]
  • 92% of Australian SMEs use the internet. [Source: Sensis] 
  • 52% of Australian digital content consumers download entertainment at least once a week. [Source: Panasonic / Content + Technology] 
  • 95% of Australian consumers have used the internet in the last 12 months. [Source: Sensis] 
  • 52% of Australians use the internet every day. [Source: AIMIA] 
  • 56% of consumers conduct research for products, services and retailers online [Source: IAB / Nielsen] 
  • In Australia, the top types of downloaded content are: photos (78%), music (64%), YouTube clips (64%), TV shows (60%) and movies (53%). [Source: Panasonic / Content + Technology] 

Online privacy 

  • 50% of Australian internet users are at least very concerned about the privacy of their personal information when buying online. [Source: Australian Policy Online] 
  • The social media industry is the sector online Australians believe to have the poorest privacy practices. [Source: CIS] 
  • 22% of Australian internet users are extremely concerned about the security of their credit or bank card when buying online. [Source: Australian Policy Online] 


  • 71% of online consumers in Australia check email first thing in the morning. [Source: ExactTarget]
  • 80% of Australians check their emails daily. [Source: Australian Policy Online] 
  • Email is the most widely used online marketing channel in Australia, with 85% of marketers using this channel. [Source: Econsultancy / Marketing Magazine] 
  • 47% of marketers planned to increase investment in email platforms through 2012. [Source: Econsultancy / Marketing Magazine] 

Social media 

  • One in every four minutes that Australians spent on the web in November 2011 was spent on Facebook. [Source: Nielsen] 
  • Australians spent 218m hours on social networks in August 2012. [Source: Experian] 
  • 72% of small Australian businesses believe social media investment leads to sales. [Source: AIMIA]
  • 18% of Australians post messages on discussion or message boards at least weekly. [Source: Australian Policy Online] 
  • 25% of Australian internet users access social networking sites every day. [Source: Australian Policy Online] 
  • LinkedIn is the second most popular social network across Australia. [Source: AIMIA] 
  • 39% of large Australian businesses measure ROI for social media. [Source: AIMIA]
  • In Australia, fashion is the leading industry on Facebook. [Source: Socialbakers]


  • 68% of Australian online consumers are Facebook fans of brands. [Source: ExactTarget] 
  • More than half (58%) of Australian client-side marketers planned to increase their investment in social media technology during 2012. [Source: Econsultancy / Marketing Magazine] 
  • Just under a quarter (23%) of client-side marketers in Australia say they outsource their off-site social media activity (i.e. Twitter, Facebook etc.). [Source: Econsultancy / Marketing Magazine] 
  • 89% of online Australians watch video content on Facebook. [Source: ACMA] 
  • 38% of Australian retailers have a Facebook page. 47% don’t have one and don’t intend to with 12 months. [Source: Experian] 
  • On average, Twitter users use the service 22.65 times each week in Australia. [Source: AIMIA] 
  • The biggest motivation for Australian consumers to ‘like’ a brand on Facebook is to receive ‘free stuff’. [Source: ExactTarget] 
  • 83% of Australian LinkedIn users would connect with their boss. [Source: AIMIA] 
  • 54% of Australian retailers don’t use Twitter and don’t intend to over the next 12 months. [Source: Experian] 
  • 23% of Australian internet users visit news blogs monthly, while 8% visit them monthly and 7% daily. [Source: Australian Policy Online] 
  • 68% of Australian social media users read reviews or blogs. [AIMIA] 
  • 24% of Australian internet users provide ratings online. [AIMIA] 
  • 39% of internet users in Australia trust strangers’ comments. [Source: TNS Digital Life] 

Search marketing 

  • Natural search (SEO) is the second most widely used online marketing channel in Australia, with 81% of companies actively using this. [Source: Econsultancy / Marketing Magazine] 
  • Around half of client-side marketers in Australia say they outsourced paid search (53%) and SEO (45%) during 2012. [Source: Econsultancy / Marketing Magazine]
  • Australia leads the APAC region for mobile search. [Source: iProspect] 
  • 73% of Australian smartphone users have made a general search on their device. [Source: Our Mobile Planet] 


  • Average Australians spend more than 3 hours watching online videos each month. [Source: Nielsen] 
  • 43% of adult Australian internet users have accessed online video services in the last six months. [Source: ACMA] 
  • In Australia, the average viewer watches 158 clips, 14.3 hours-worth and 5.4 minutes per view of online video each month. [Source: MarketingMagazine]