On Wednesday night Econsultancy hosted its inaugural poker
tournament, called Digital Nuts. It was a great event, if we ignore the
fact that nobody at this end made it onto the final table!

game was Texas Hold ‘Em, and it turns out that the internet industry
knows how to play it. There were five tables, 50 players and a £2,000
prize pool up for grabs.

The event kicked off at around 7.30pm and three hours later a winner emerged.

Congratulations in particular to Quirk’s Nic Ray, who scooped the big money and has the honour of being our maiden champion. Cue another blurry iPhone picture:

Well done to all who finished in the top six. They are as follows…

1st Nic Ray – Quirk eMarketing- £800
2nd Carlos Menezes – Quirk eMarketing – £500
3rd Nick Dugdle-Moore – £250
4th Jack Hubbard – Propellernet – £200
5th Matthew Evans – Solid State Group – £150
6th Paul Bidder – Red Ant – £100

The real winner was Quirk eMarketing, if you look at the first and second places.

We limited the first Digital Nuts event to 50 places, but it quickly sold out and was oversubscribed, so next time around we’ll increase capacity to 100. That will allow more of you to come along and join in the fun. Pray you’re not on Quirk’s table if you do.

So it turns out that light entertainment is where it’s at. Maybe we can expand our range of social events. Does anybody fancy a Digital Dude bowling night?