October 15th 2019, 9am BST, 4pm SGT

Digital Shift is an exclusive Econsultancy webinar that curates and interprets the most important developments, trends and innovations in digital. Run quarterly, our experts focus on distilling the key developments that are really going to affect how markets are operating, what tools are used, and how digital marketing and ecommerce practices are changing.

This webinar will be facilitated by Econsultancy SVP of Research, North America, Stefan Tornquist and consultant Neil Perkin.

Agenda points for this session:

  • AI and Machine Learning: With new examples of the application of machine learning happening every week, we take a look at the distinct outcomes that AI will be applied to across businesses, as a way of understanding its future application, and also how this will most likely disrupt marketing.
  • Amazon: We take a deeper dive into this fantastically successful company to understand lessons, from how they solve growth problems, to their formula for innovation, and which industries they might disrupt next.
  • Quantum Computing: Poised to disrupt multiple industries all over again, we demystify quantum computing: how it really works, and where it is most likely to impact.
  • New Social: With new snackable video apps scaling fast, a new local social app from Google, and the introduction of social credit scores and ecommerce to existing platforms, we examine the latest developments in social and messaging.

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