Join this live Q4 Digital Shift Webinar, hosted by industry expert, Neil Perkin. This event highlights and discusses the key developments in digital marketing and ecommerce.

Agenda points for this session:

Learning from the East: many of the biggest digital and commerce players in China are leading the way in global innovation and growth – we take a look at what we can learn from some of the most forward-thinking players, including what is possibly the biggest Chinese commerce business that you’ve (probably) never heard of

Ecommerce innovation: the pandemic and lockdown have seen a dramatic acceleration in ecommerce in multiple markets around the world, but who are the biggest beneficiaries and how are they building on their success to innovate?

The Future of Instagram: the Facebook platform is still growing, and still adding new features continuously. What is the likely future for this jewel in Facebook’s crown and where are they likely to go next?

The Future of Augmented Reality: new and inventive examples of the application of AR are becoming more and more prevalent – we look at the latest exciting examples and what they tell us about the future of this compelling technology


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