Digital Shift

A quarterly look at the most important developments, trends and innovations in digital that you need to know about

Watch again: Digital Shift Q2 2024

GenAI disruption: With ever more sophisticated generative AI tools coming to market, we look at examples of how GenAI is disrupting – and enhancing – the creative industry, and the implications for agencies, advertisers and marketers alike.

AI-powered productivity: Behind the scenes, AI is also transforming the workflows of professionals in a range of specialisms, helping to boost productivity and efficiency. Discover the latest AI tools and techniques for driving performance.

Virtual reality and brand engagement: With Apple recently launching Vision Pro, we look at how brands are engaging with the platform and leveraging VR to delight and captivate audiences, from luxury fashion to streetwear retailers.

The changing face of organic search: An ever evolving space, the rise of conversational interfaces is transforming the way users search for answers. We look at the latest developments in search capability and the impact on consumer behaviour.