Digital titles are on course to outnumber print in the customer publishing industry by 2013, according to new research from Mintel and the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA).

This prediction is based on the number of titles implementing this channel, but despite its decline over the past few years (90% share in 2005 down to 52% in 2011) – print still maintains a majority share for this year.

In fact, print is set to remain at the core of content marketing strategies going forward, working in tandem with other media channels both old and new.   

28 companies completed the questionnaire, accounting for 809 titles. The companies surveyed represent approximately 65% per cent of the total market, and Mintel then projected this data to represent 100 per cent of the market.

The report, sponsored by Menzies Digital Marketing, states that brands are placing continued emphasis on digital with 37% of the APA’s members now offering and utilising digital content marketing such as e-zines.  

This is in direct contrast to the standard print to digital replications of the consumer arena, and is reinforced by the reports finding that digital content – including e-zines, emails and microsites, have been the single most important category of growth for APA members within the last three years.  More specifically in the case of e-zines, this has provided dramatic revenue growth of 165%.

When it comes to mobile devices it seems the customer publishing industry is equally as forward thinking, with 46 digital titles created specifically for tablets, smart phones and mobiles.  And in terms of future trends, HTML 5 has been positioned as a key turning point, with quality content becoming increasingly accessible and cost effective.