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Digital Transformation Monthly: Coronavirus Crisis – June 2020

 ‌ This special edition of Econsultancy’s Digital Transformation Monthly examines how businesses have been adapting to the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

Econsultancy founder Ashley Friedlein on digital transformation

‌”We may have moved beyond infancy in digital transformation but we are very far from adult.

“We are entering turbulent years as transformation teenagers seeking to understand what exactly it means for us as things continue to change.”

Digital transformation in Financial Services

Fintech 2.0: the disruptors become the disrupted

Financial services has arguably experienced one of the highest levels of digital disruption of any industry. From banking and payments to lending and insurance, no part of financial services has been left unscathed and hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars is up for grabs.

Digital transformation in Pharma & Healthcare

Digital transformation in Retail

Restaurant brands are becoming big tech players

Companies in virtually every industry are being challenged to implement digital transformations of one kind or another. Even industries that years ago would have seemed unlikely candidates for digital disruption are undergoing major changes as a result of the internet and new technologies.


20 Min


Objective and KPI setting, to budgeting for digital marketing, using data for planning, segmentation and targeting and customer journey mapping

16 Min

Brand and Value

Ways you can add value to people and organisations through your brand: how to build your brand and how to avoid breaking your brand.

10 Min


Learn how the fusion of digital, classic tools and architecture offers unique capability to do positioning in real-time and at an individual level via dynamic personalisation.

15 Min

Market and Customer Orientation

Explore ways to achieve market orientation through a customer-focused approach and ensure engagement from your organisation.

14 Min

Customer Insight

How to make the most of the latest methods and digital data analytics to fully inform your customer insight planning.

24 Min


Learn about how traditional models of distribution have changed and how digital has broken down the barriers to entry.

27 Min
innovation and trends

Innovation and Trends

Where we are now and what is likely to happen in the world of digital. We discuss the big digital eras and their impact on marketing, as well as the key innovations, challenges and opportunities to prepare for.


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Digital Transformation Monthly – June 2020

1. Introduction Welcome to the June edition of our Digital Transformation Monthly report. At the time of writing, here in the UK, more than 10 weeks on from the introduction of lockdown measures, the ‘new normal’ is starting to feel… well, normal. We’re seeing a cautious relaxation of some lockdown restrictions, including offices requiring their […]


Join Econsultancy’s June 25th briefing: Digital Transformation at Lightspeed

Despite a global strain on marketing budgets during the Covid-19 pandemic, nearly 60% of strategic initiatives, including digital transformation, are receiving stable or increased funding even in these tough times, according to Econsultancy and Marketing Week’s most recent Covid-19 Business Impact Survey. Clearly, in recent months, digital transformation has become a talking point once again. […]

Digital Transformation - Econsultancy's Internet Statistics Database

Digital transformation stats – explore the ISD

 ‌ The Internet Statistics Database contains over 2500 charts and statistics related to digital transformation, for you to browse, save and export.

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