Digital Skills Assessment

Meet your digital transformation challenges head-on with our comprehensive Digital Skills Assessment

Digital Skills Assessment

The Digital Skills Assessment is a rigorous, systematic approach to help determine the skills of your people and teams.

Using a combination of stakeholder interviews, benchmark data and self-assessment tools, the Digital Skills Assessment is customized to your business and creates a clear, objective snapshot of your teams’ critical skill sets and the gaps holding you back.

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Digital Skills Assessment

How We Work

From assessing to planning and delivery, we work on all three stages of digital transformation to design a tailored, comprehensive approach and a clear plan that aligns around your priorities.

Case Studies

We work with some of the world’s largest brands and leading organisations to help them achieve digital excellence

Digital Transformation case studies
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From one-off projects to a digital revolution, we have helped a wide range of companies in their digital transformation journey

“I like the consultants that Econsultancy has; the fact that they are not affiliated to any one group and they can pull in relevant people. I call them consultant ninjas – they seem to pull in the best within their field, which means you have access to a wide spectrum of people who are working directly for Econsultancy, but also outside as well. That has benefit as it offers a different perspective in terms of consultancy work.”

Richard Dodd, Director, Skype

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