If you supply digital marketing or e-commerce related services, solutions or technology then you are eligible to have a profile in our Supplier Directory.

We are happy to list any type of organization, including agencies, consultancies, technology vendors, freelancers and contractors.

Below are details on how we rank results in the directory, the two types of profile available and how they compare, and how to add or edit your profile.

How are suppliers ranked in the directory?

Users can browse and filter the supplier directory to create short lists of suppliers that are relevant to them.

The higher that a supplier appears in any list, the more views that supplier profile gets, and therefore the more traffic and enquiries. Details on levels of traffic, views and clicks are given below in the types of profile section.

The ranking priority works as follows, in this order:

  1. Profile level (Full Profile ranks highest)
  2. Subscription level (the higher the subscription level, the higher the ranking)
  3. Specialism level, if filtering by topic or sector (the fewer topics or sectors of expertise you have ticked, the more weighting is given to each)
  4. Recency of profile update (the more recent the update, the higher the ranking)

So the highest possible ranking would be for a Full Profile, Enterprise Subscriber, just updated. Conversely, the lowest ranking would be for a Basic Profile, Registered User, not updated for a long time.

The most important differentiator is whether you have a Full Profile or not — see types of profile section that follows.

What types of profile are available and how do they compare?

There are two types of profile: a Basic Profile or a Full Profile.

The Basic Profile is free and can be set up whilst joining as a registered user (also free) — see details in the adding your profile section below.

The table below shows the difference in profile views and clicks you can expect from a Full Profile vs. a Basic Profile:

No. profile views / year No. clicks to your site / year Cost per year Equivalent CPC (cost per click)
Full Profile — Best 6,921 242 $500.00 $2.07
Full Profile — Average 153 25 $500.00 $20.00
Basic Profile — Average 10 Not available* Free Not relevant*

* You only get links to your website with the Full Profile

Why do Full Profiles get so much more traffic and clicks?

There are two basic reasons:

  1. With a Full Profile you can specify up to 5 areas of expertise and 5 industry sector specialisms as opposed to only 1 each with a Basic Profile.
  2. Your Full Profile ranks better in the list views meaning you will get more clicks through to your profile and then on to your site.

What other benefits do you only get with a Full Profile?

  1. The cost per click compares very favourably with other media (even paid search) when you consider how much information the user has already seen about your company before choosingto click: the decision is much more qualified.
  2. You can enter much more information about your company e.g. a long description, your client list, testimonials, awards information, other office locations, company facts (e.g. date established, staff, budget ranges, turnover) — all adding to credibility and to help drive the right kind of leads.
  3. You can add your company logo to increase branding and salience.

How do you add or edit your supplier profile?

Editing your Supplier Profile
You can edit your supplier profile via the Your Account section (N.B. you need to be logged in to your Econsultancy account to do this).

Adding your supplier profile
You set up your initial profile as part of registering with Econsultancy. This ensures that your account is connected to your supplier profile so you can manage them both easily.