Company / Organization Type Agency / Consultancy (Full Service)
Areas of ExpertiseMobile, Advertising, Content, Search Marketing, Performance marketing
Industry FocusFinancial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Retail, Travel & Leisure, Gambling
Eastbourne Terrace
W2 6LG
United Kingdom
Number of Staff 31-60
Annual Turnover £1m-£5m
Date Established 2nd February 2015


ROAST is a fiercely independent online performance agency, privately owned and launched in February 2015 by Oliver Bishop. Recruiting experts from the industry with decades of experience, ROAST was formed to provide a new breed of online performance. At the heart of everything we do is smart, informed digital, focused on delivering Return On Ad Spend for our clients.

We use data at scale, utilise a range of sources providing 360 degree insights to create a comprehensive view of your market and your consumer. We then build out a dynamic consumer journey which informs intelligent targeting via channel execution and tailored messaging. As we run these campaigns and spark user journeys, we are constantly testing and measuring the impact to show the statistical effect of our work to drive action and conversion.

Through strategy and planning, insight and data, technology platform selection or advanced digital optimisation techniques, ROAST has one aim; to make your brand perform better. Our offering isn’t diluted. We focus on what we know we do best; Online Performance.

Our services include, SEO, Paid Media, Social, Content, Mobile, Display, Programmatic, Affiliates and CRO.

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PMA Finalist for ‘Most Effective Agency’ 2016 & 2017
RAR Digital Finalist for ‘Best Value Agency’ 2017
UK Agency Awards Finalist for ‘Best Digital Agency’ 2017
Business Culture Awards Finalist for ‘Best Business Culture’ 2017
Business Culture Awards Finalist for ‘Best Business Culture Innovation’ 2017
DADI Finalist for 'Agency of the Year' 2017
Google Premier Partner Awards Finalist for 'Best Search' 2017
Masterclassing Awards 2017 Winner - Best influencer marketing campaign

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