Shopify, a website that allows users to set up their own e-commerce store with integrated payments, has launched an online marketplace for shoppers to search for products from all Shopify’s stores.

Shopify, launched back in April, provides a similar function to French startup Zlio, allowing users to set up, stock and personalise stores, using a range of templates.

However, while Zlio’s shopkeepers stock their stores from a predefined catalogue of products and earn affiliate commission on the goods they sell,  Shopify users stock the stores with their own products.

In return for providing the e-commerce platform, payment solutions and order tracking, Shopify takes a commission of 3.75% on every sale.

Setting up a shop is free, though if you want to stock more than ten products, you will need to pay between $24 and $299 per month, with the higher price plans coming with real-time statistics.

Shopify’s design makes setting up a store very easy, and it provides a useful e-commerce option for small businesses. The service is available in 60 countries, and transactions can be carried out in over 45 currencies.

Shopify Marketplace

The Shopify Marketplace (above) has been introduced to provide a central point to search through the 20,000 stores that have been created so far on Shopify.

Users can search for products by the type of seller, product type and tags, as well as narrowing the search by price range. The search function could be better, there aren’t enough options for filtering and refining searches, and the look of the Marketplace home page isn’t too appealing.

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