I would say we Brits are a discerning bunch, always after a deal or two. I’m as guilty as the next person and decided to make the most of the weekend by finding some killer bargains on Oxford Street.

Making my way on the tube was the first ordeal as I held up a queue of increasingly angry people as I waded through my wallet, which contained five loyalty cards, till I found my debit card.

I couldn’t help but wonder, how often do I use these loyalty cards? Have I actually ever received any rewards? And honestly, do I really care?

My journey that day opened my eyes to a number of ways retailers build customer loyalty without the need for cards or points. Here are my five observations: 

1) The best deals are ‘Always-on’ 

So as I get off at Bond Street I walk to my first port of call, Primark. It seems like everyone on Oxford Street had the same idea as every second person had a Primark bag. “I must join their loyalty program”, I thought to myself. Unfortunately there isn’t one.

What’s Primark’s key to generating customer loyalty? Ask anyone why they keep going back to Primark and they say it’s because they know they will always be offered great value stuff that’s in season and of reasonable quality. It’s that simple.

So rather then collecting a gazillion points to be eligible for a free gift (that most customers don’t redeem anyway), the new mantra in loyalty is to offer customers ‘always-on deals’ by giving them the best value each and every time they interact with you. No doubt they will appreciate it.

2) Make me feel special

I was in need of a coffee so walked into the Pret a Manger at Marble Arch. I always find the staff really inviting and service efficient, so for me Pret is just easy. I order a latte and about to tap my contactless when a smiling face said, “don’t worry it’s on the house.” I must admit I got a warm feeling.

Pret do not have a loyalty program but empower their staff to give out free coffee to a few lucky customers each day. No clever CRM systems or points, just a human touch.

I think sometimes this is exactly what is missing in customer service today. One thing’s for sure if Pret did have a loyalty program I’d be a platinum member.

3) Don’t lock me in, convince me to stay

Revived by my caffeine high, I decide to call a friend using my O2 sim-only deal. I love the convenience of getting a bill each month, whilst not feeling like I’m stuck with them for a lifetime (I exaggerate, but it sure feels like that when you really want a new phone).

I’ve now had the deal going for four years, I can get out at anytime and perhaps this is exactly the reason I stay. Coupled with the O2 Priority Rewards where I keep receiving offers and freebies, perhaps it’s all about the small things in life that make us feel valued. 

4) Give me extra

After a natter, we decide to meet at Five Guys in Covent Garden. Walking into the joint one gets a real sense of energy and enthusiasm from the staff. Also, their simple optional menu makes sure you always get more than you bargained for (literally), as you can have all the frills on your burger for the same price.

But the real icing on the cake (or bun) is when they hand over your burger bag filled to the brim with fries. Did I ask for them? No. Am I happy (and a little surprised)? Absolutely.

They just gave me something for nothing, and that’s something I really valued. A little surprise and delight does not go unnoticed.

5) Look after everyone

I ended my trek to Oxford Street and called it a night by relaxing on my sofa and switching on the box. All I wanted to do was turn on Netflix and watch the new series of Marcos. However, my other half had other ideas.

Thank you Netflix for enabling us to watch two different programs using the same subscription. It’s a nice way to add value for the whole family while not trying to grab every penny. It shows you understand how we like to do things and care.

I must admit I was not overjoyed that I had to watch Marcos on my iPad (you can see who gets their way in my house). Hey ho! Guess Netflix can’t solve all my problems but I still won’t be leaving its service anytime soon.

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