the social network movieIn the next few weeks, a couple of reality-based movies about the internet: “Middle Men” and “The Social Network,” will come to a theater near you.

These movies and the interest already being shown in them reflect a better understanding of the web and the enormous shift in how we engage with it.

The web is no longer the domain of the geeks and hackers portrayed in such movies as “Hackers” and “War Games.” Nor is the average person scared to use the web for fear of villians like those in “Sneakers” or “The Net.”

We have come a long way from the younger days of Matthew Broderick and Angelina Jolie, and we are not foolish enough to see “The Matrix” and the many other movies like it as anything but science fiction.

The web is now an integral tool of modern society. We are interested in how it really grew and was developed. Facebook with its 500 million users is a perfect subject for a movie, while “Middle Men’s” tip of the hat to how the porn industry was responsible for many of the early innovations that now power ecommerce is a commonly known fact.

The intro to the trailer is slick – it captures all the elements we all know so well. It hooks you.

I  predict “The Social Network” will be the biggest movie of 2010 and possibly hit the Top 10 of all time grossing movies. It’s a bio pic, and yet a very real and interesting story. Sadly, yet realistically, its success will spawn all types of similar movies that will push us back to preferring Matrix-like films. Will “Google: The Movie” be far behind?