Trying to improve the rankings of a site that offers very little value to its visitors is a short term strategy that is likely to come unstuck the first time Google carries out a manual review of the site.

Google has a philosophy and strives to become the perfect search engine.

Thousands of engineers spend countless hours trying to make sure that the best pages and websites are featured at the top of the search results.

The role of search engine optimisers is to increase the rankings of certain websites, but unless the website is worthy of a top ranking the SEO is working against Google.

A far better strategy for low ranking sites is to focus on adding news, content, articles, tools, offers and even improving the design to make the site more useful than the sites that are currently ranking at the top.

If you can add significant value to a site you go from being a bad site with bad rankings to a great site that Google actually would rather like to be at the top of the search results.

This makes the task of promoting and marketing a hundred times easier and the eventual rankings will be sustainable in the long term.